Wilson Robertson was born in 1940 in Mississippi, educated in Southern Alabama and moved to Pensacola when he was 24, where, just three years later in 1967, he established and operated not one, but two businesses in Pensacola, contracting and real estate.

Hard work and good business sense earned him a good measure of success in Pensacola, and in 1988, Wilson was elected to public office, ultimately serving eight years as County Commissioner in Escambia County, Florida.

Wilson’s greatest joys in this life are his God, his wife Ann, their four children and seven grandchildren.

His good works within the community are numerous and meaningful; Wilson doesn’t add his name to a group in the interest of publicity. He joins because he sees a place where he can stand and make a change. At the Council on Aging, The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council, Regional Planning Council and Pensacola Escambia Development Council, Wilson made real progress and refused to settle for the status quo.

As an ECUA Board Member, Wilson was instrumental in making critically necessary improvements, and his fiscal sanity benefited the County in many ways.

Wilson is also a member of the Cantonment Rotary Club and a past member of Kiwanis Club and Optimist Club in Pensacola. He was a Chairman and then a member of the Board of Directors of the Waterfront Rescue Mission for the past 18 years, and has served as a council member at his church. He is also a former Chairman and board member of the Marcus Pointe Homeowners Association. Finally, he was awarded the prestigious God in Government Award in 1986.

Wilson knows that he is an employee of the people who hire him, and that means YOU. Elected office is not a place to show off, to be an irrelevant or an unproductive maverick, nor to disregard the wishes of your district in the interest of advancing your own agenda.

A County Commissioner listens, learns and acts entirely on behalf of and at the behest of his constituents. Put simply, Escambia County will always need someone who puts citizens rather than publicity first. Re-elect Wilson Robertson to the County Commission, District 1.

Wilson Robertson